• There have errors:

    ncaught Error: Cannot read property 'startsWith' of undefined
    at line 1 col 5
    if(a.startsWith("AT+"))return e;if(a.startsWith("+CME ERROR:...

    when calling gps.get(function(data) and GPRS On.

    there is no such error if using GPS only.

  • I've just made some changes to the code so if you try a cutting edge build you shouldn't get those errors.

    HOWEVER you may just get a 'timeout' error instead now. The error was coming because the RAK8212 modem wasn't responding to the GPS request within 1 second - and the changes won't do anything to fix that.

    Can you post up a minimal example that exhibits the problem?

    It may just be that moving the GPS initialisation to some point when the modem isn't as busy will fix it

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RAK8212 problem when used GPS & GPRS at the same time

Posted by Avatar for user97438 @user97438