How to know BG96 (RAK8212) worked or not?

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  • do you have whole one program( include AT ,HTTP , SMS ) for testing? we can't get any http data by executing your examples, there is no any error message .

  • below are some AT command responses .

    +CEREG: 2,1,"2EB","B2A3106",8
    +QNWINFO: "CAT-M1","52501","LTE BAND 3",1300
    +QSPN: "Singtel","Singtel","Singtel",0,"52501"
    +QCSQ: "CAT-M1",-125,0,8,0

    +QCSQ: "CAT-M1",-67,-93,130,-9

  • there is one error message "ERROR { "code": -15,
    "message": "no response"
    after we changed the code as below

    function connectionReady() {
      var http = require("http");
      http.get("­t", function(res) {
        res.on('data', function(data) {
      .on('error', function(err) {
          console.log('ERROR', err);
  • I'm pretty sure the code in is tested and works.

    However what you're trying to do here - using the built in HTTP module for NB-IoT - won't work, as it isn't supported by Espruino at the moment. You will have to do all NB-IoT communication via AT commands for the time being.

    If the link that's provided (­/10/12/espruino-on-rak8212-accessing-the­-nb-iot-nb1-modem/) doesn't give you enough info, you should ask RAK for some examples of what AT commands need to be sent for NB-IoT communications.

  • My SIM card is CAT-M1

  • Ok, I've just looked into this and there were a few issues with the QuectelBG96 module by the look of it.

    If you download the 'cutting edge' firmware from­ it should now hopefully be fixed.

    While you may still have issues with CAT-M1, normal TCP/IP comms should now work fine

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How to know BG96 (RAK8212) worked or not?

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