• As a newby to this forum, I was wondering what's preferred WRT various levels of development discussions.

    As I look at the possible changes to various parts of Espruino, I see two distinct 'flavors' of changes. There are cases where someone might want to change, enhance, or clone existing modules, for example, and is looking for general advice on fairly high level implementations. The other case where, for example, looking at adding multiple SPI support to a platform, there are some pretty nitty-gritty changes required to a fundamental platform specific file like jshardware.c.

    In these two cases, ISTM, that this forum is a good place to discuss the first case - general broad level changes, approaches, ideas. For the second case, it might be preferred that we open an issue on github and have the in-depth discussions there.

    So, what's the recommendation?

  • I'd say post any questions at all here.

    There's https://github.com/espruino/Espruino/blo­b/master/CONTRIBUTING.md but generally most people ignore it, so thanks for checking :)

    Basically I try to use GitHub issues for dealing with features that need adding or bugs that need fixing in Espruino. If you have a bug with example code that fails, that's great - but when it gets full of questions it just makes it difficult for me to see what actually needs to be done.

    'I'm working on this' type things on GitHub cause similar problems - I have go to through them every so often and chase people up to see if they're still working on stuff or if I should close them, and it just wastes time.

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Preferred method for discussing changes to espruino.

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