• I purchased an MDBT42Q Espruino board, but I believe the board has some failed solder joints - it randomly lights up the red LED if I move the board slightly and I'm getting random results from basic code running on it.
    I want to compare with an MDBT42Q Breakout board I have, but to load the identical software, I need to know which DFU bootloader the original has. I have the nRF52 SDK (version 15.2.0) and J-Link so loading the Softdevice and app is not a problem. However, the SDK has three different DFU bootloaders and I don't know which one the board requires.

  • Never mind, I got my answer here: http://forum.espruino.com/conversations/­328182/
    I've downloaded the 2v00 hex file and it is advertising as MDBT42Q xxxx. Now, on to try the Espruino IDE...

  • Great! So that was an MDBT42Q breakout that you were having problems with?

    The red LED would sound like a reset. Are you sure it wasn't just a bad connection for the power wires?

  • I'm now thinking that it was a very crappy breadboard knockoff giving me unreliable connections. I've moved the MDBT42Q to an 'old reliable' breadboard and haven't had this issue since. My breakout is working as well so now I have two devices to compare. Good infrastructure and LOTS of effort went into Espruino, Good Job! I hope that I can get my app working on it. My 'customer'** will appreciate it!

    ** 'customer' == youngest daughter ;-)

  • Thanks - I hope it goes down well!

    What are you making her?

  • What are you making her?

    Well, she may make it into a product so I'm not sure it's ready for disclosure yet. But, it is a fun project and she is comfortable programming in js.

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How do I get the Hex file for the MDBT42Q bootloader?

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