SSL on ESP32

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  • Is SSL available on ESP32? I know it wasn't at one point. If not, does anyone know URL/service that can be used to translate?

    I'm trying to pull information from

    I get out of memory error, and have tried turning off bluetooth with no avail. Perhaps I should look into building my own?

    Using version 2.01.

    Thank you in advance.

  • The esp32 build supports https.

    That dns name does not resolve: - in the browser it for sure if you prefix with www.

    It looks like it's next trying to do some login/authentication - they might be quite tricky...

  • Please post your code, a simple example would be best.

  • Hi - thank you for any help you might provide. Dev board is running other code, so I pulled this from notes, not a working board.

    const SURLAPI = '­washington/tolls.json?orderBy=%22$key%22­&limitToLast=1';
    const HTTP = require("http");
    function onInit()
    var options = {
        host: '', // host name
        port: 443,            // (optional) port, defaults to 80
        path: '/eb/belt/washington/tolls.json',           // path sent to server
        method: 'GET',       // HTTP command sent to server (must be uppercase 'GET', 'POST', etc)
        protocol: 'https:',   // optional protocol - https: or http:
        headers: { orderBy : "%22$key%22", limitToLast : 1 } // (optional) HTTP headers
    function loadTolls()
        //getting weather now, so allow another process to get weather
        HTTP.get(options, function(res) 
            res.on('data', function(wunderString)
              loadTolls.val = wunderString;
            res.on('close', function(fLoaded)
            res.on('error', function(e){console.log("error getting URL details");});    //TODO: test, and handle by saving values?
    function memUsage()
  • Hi,

    Looking at your code above - the headers is not doing what you think it is... - the parameters need to be part of the path.

    path: '/eb/belt/washington/tolls.json?orderBy=­%22$key%22&limitToLast=1',

    Without this you get 600k of data back and this is too much!

    However - this is not the issue.

    It looks like since the esp-idf version of the mBed TLS was added that https is no longer working... This simple case fails:

    var http = require("http");
    http.get("", function(res) {
      res.on('data', function(data) {

    Added a new issue:­ues/1613

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SSL on ESP32

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