Change clockspeed in RAK8212

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  • Dear all,
    I want to change the clockspeed on the RAK8212 in order to make a comparison of the energy consumption. I downloaded the Espruino code from github but when I issued the BOARD=RAK8212 make command I received errors. Is there any other way to change the clockspeed of the mcu without recompiling the firmware?

    Thank you in advance!

  • You might be able to use poke32() to manipulate the nrf52 registers directly.

  • Yes - if it's possible to change clock speed you should be able to do it with poke - however I don't think it's possible to change? I thought nRF52 ran at 64MHz whatever you did.

  • hah! I just had a quick read of the datasheet and I think you're right - I didn't see any means of varying the cpu clock. I had expected the nrf52 would've had a pll like most other ARM devices.

  • Perfect Thank you very much !

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Change clockspeed in RAK8212

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