• I have been working on this project on and off over the past year, and I finally got it finished! I am supper proud of the way it all turned out! I know I could have made the code a lot better if I used an official board that had better analog support.

    Thanks to everyone that has helped me on the forms. This is my first project with Espruino.

    You can check out the video for the project here:

    Here are some pics:

  • Sun 2018.11.11

    Knock, knock, . . . knock, knock, knockety, knock . . .

    Rats. . . . Now on to voice recognition, finger print identification and retina scanning!!

    Video added a nice touch.

    Nicely done @calebbrewer

  • HAHA. Thanks! RFID, and a keypad are next!

  • That looks great! Nice idea and really professionally made video as well :)

  • Thank you! Your work on Espruino is amazing!

  • Oh and thank you @MaBe You have helped me with every question I have posted!

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Magnetic Door Lock with Secret Knock, IR Sensor, & Web App | ESP8266 & Espruino

Posted by Avatar for calebbrewer @calebbrewer