• As I am on my way to Bangkok, any advise for brand new stuff to look for?

  • Have travel mercies... First I thought - from the title: ...another spam entry, as one was a few days ago... ;-)

  • Well, there lots of shops selling Gamer PC stuff and other computer parts. Many sales stalls offering cables, charger, adapter , led stripes (ein haufen Ramsch) and ip cameras. So overall this is no place to buy iot devices or sensors.

    Bought two 4K wifi spy cameras including iPhone App named HDminicam

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  • Camera is at the end of the black strap - between antenna and the electronics box?

    Transmission is a) plain - or b) B(LE)? - Just curious about the antenna... untypical for B(LE).

  • Sorry for posting a picture without labeling all objects ;-)

    Camera is at the end of the black strap - between antenna and the electronics box?

    Yes and it can record video and audio, has a mini sd card slot and a button. Video daylight and night is possible. Cant wait until back home to open that electronics box to check what is inside.

    Just curious about the antenna... untypical for B(LE).

    Yes you definitively can be because it is Wifi ;-)
    I guess 4k would be to much data for BLE transmission - or?

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  • @allObjects have you seen some tiny cams with bluetooth?

  • Did not actually look for it. I know that a lot of audio is going over bluetooth. But that's much less band width. - I did a quick check, but what I was presented for still and motion pics was all IP... While doing so I came across this little thing... https://www.amazon.com/BLE-Home-BeaconBu­g-Bluetooth-Wireless/dp/B01D3JHQRY . I do not exactly know what it does - light, temp, something in xyz,... - but it looks pretty small... and with 1MBit data rate, you would get only a small image across (streaming... compression can help, but I would be curious about guaranteed frame rate).

    More interesting information at http://blueradios.com site... especially the access-point (gateway?).

    Various modules are available... http://blueradios.com/hardware_LE4.0-S2.­htm - but it looks like that the resources -flash, RAM - available for custom application code are not that great.

    This is the amazon market place: https://www.amazon.com/s?marketplaceID=A­TVPDKIKX0DER&merchant=A3GX8N5BVP21WC

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  • Usually audio is over standard Bluetooth - not Bluetooth LE. Nordic do have some examples of audio over Bluetooth 5 (which is faster) but it's not hifi audio or anything.

    Realistically I've only seen low-res images sent over BLE (for instance the Parrot Rolling Spider drone).

    I'm not sure I understand about that stuff you posted - are those modules any different to the things I use for Puck.js?

  • ...they are different in the sense that they are more closed systems, and use a different chipset TI CC2540 and CC2541 - with much less flash and RAM... It was just a browsing around what's available and somewhat comparable. I don't see this as a real alternative to Puck (or Pixl). The browse was also triggered by the question whether B(LE) is used for transmission of motion pics... and I could guess upfront that it is not that great because of the low energy, which has a direct impacts on band with.

  • I reckon with Bluetooth 5 you could do some motion picture stuff. I've seen them manage over 1MBps with it, which should definitely be enough

  • Size comparison (to scale)... but there are more relevant differences then just size, as already mentioned earlier.

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Pantip Plaza is the best electronic market of bangkok

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