Warning : "You have pre-1v96 fimware...

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  • Hi !
    After upgrading firmware from 1v99 to 2v00 successfully on Espruino Pico,
    Each time upload whatever code with "Save on Send" Mode,and "Direct to Flash".
    The red color warning comes up such this :

    "You have pre-1v96 fimware. Upload size is limited by available Ram".

    It never happened in 1v99.
    Is it normal or something wrong in uploading process? What should I do.
    Thank you.

  • I believe it's because you have 'Save on send' turned on?

    It's a known issue that I have fixed in the Espruino IDE. It just hasn't made it into the Native and Chrome Apps yet - but it's nothing to worry about unless you're trying to upload extremely big files.

  • Thanks Gordon.
    Anyway,I am still curious and I don't check out yet , whether there is any significant declining in available memory usage in 2v00 compared to previous version

  • unless you're trying to upload extremely big files.

    It's actually not the available memory - the issue is that before 1v96 you had to write the code to flash storage all in one go. That's fine as long as what you want to write fits in RAM.

    In later versions you can write more stuff into Storage than will fit into your available RAM :)

  • well i've got the prob with my new pico (thx @Gordon, they arrived today). i've tried the Storage.getFree() but i've got an error

    Uncaught ReferenceError: "Storage" is not defined
     at line 5 col 22

    i've tried before without the console.log and received same error

  • Try with :

    s = require("Storage");

    It should work !

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Warning : "You have pre-1v96 fimware...

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