ESP32 Serial2 setup and try to connect to RN2384A

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  • Hi all

    I'm trying to setup an serial connexion to the RN2483A to achieve an LoraWan test with TTN, like this exemple on Espruino site with no result. I've connect TX/RX from @DrAzzy plate to RN2384A TX/RX, power and try :

    var RN2483 = require("RN2483");
    Serial2.setup(9600, { tx:D17, rx:D16 });
    var lora = new RN2483(Serial2);

    and get this result:

    { "EUI": undefined, "VDD": NaN, "appEUI": undefined, "devEUI": undefined,
      "band": undefined, "dataRate": undefined, "rxDelay1": undefined, "rxDelay2": undefined, "rxFreq2_868": undefined }

    So I'm trying first to get some console.log from the Serial2 on this ESP32 MCU board .

    I wired GPIO16 and GPIO17 and try this :

    Serial2.setup(9600, { tx:D17, rx:D16 });
    Serial2.on('data', function(data) {
      console.log('Serial2: ', data);
    Serial2.print('/// Hello UART ///');

    Well... with no result too :(
    Does someone succeed in this project?

  • Couple of things - pulse reset low after power on but before trying to communicate with it. Depending on the power up sequence, it can go into a low power shutdown mode in which it doesn't respond to UART on startup.

    Make sure you have TX and RX wired correctly. TX of one device goes to RX of the other device.

  • @DrAzzy, ok I'll try your suggestion!

    But I think I changed my mind about in which situation I use Espruino! : I'm not an expert in Microcontroller Stuff and Espruino give me a "so easy way "to play with, but in the case of Lora & LoraWan stuff, I will use the traditional way (I've discovered that VisualStudioCode IDE has an Arduino extension, pretty cool).

    Before doing this, I have ordered an Espruino Pico and, magically, there is no more Serial problems ! but nothing is listed on the "data" board on my personnal TTN console, but it's another problem (maybe I'm too far away from the next Gateway...)

    I use your excellent board to connect the RN2483, it's very nice job, but I think I underestimate the soldering part ! I finally done , but it's not so easy!

    Anyway, I'm continuing doing projects with Espruino and it's so cool to doing this in JavaScript !

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ESP32 Serial2 setup and try to connect to RN2384A

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