GPS + GPRS (or GSM) module

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  • Hi,
    I am currently developing an app which tries to receive the current position via GPS and transmits it via internet or SMS. For receiving the GPS position I am using the Ublox NEO6MV2 GPS module which works well. I obviously could use a GPRS/GSM module, connect it to the puck and use it for the data transmission. But I would prefer a single module (product).

    Is there a module which could be connected to the Puck.js which offers GPS and GSM? I found something on the Espruino site: iTracker RAK8212. This seems to work well but I only found it on Aliexpress for $88 which is too expensive for my purposes. Is there a cheaper module which you can recommend?

  • The iTracker is a neat bit of kit, and contains the processor running Espruino so while it's $88 you're not having to pay for a Puck as well.

    You could try and get a BG96 module (which is what the RAK8212 uses) which has GPS/GSM, but those can be expensive too.

    On the cheap end, you could look at the A9G - these are super cheap, for instance­9g+gps+gprs&_sacat=0

    However I'm not sure whether they come with an AT command firmware. You may have to make some tweaks to the existing SIM900 firmware to get it working as well.

  • Looks like there is an AT command firmware available, that seems mostly similar to SIM900. At the very least SMS would work fine using the ATSMS module.

    The docs may require a little work with Google Translate though!­

  • On the Aliexpress site I found a really good overview of iTracker products:­M-Low-Cost-version-iTracker-Pro-Sensor-n­ode-and-GPS-BG96-Module-BLE-GPS-Bluetoot­h5/32898211335.html

    Comparing the RAK8212-M with RAK8212 the only difference seem to be the sensors. But I guess it would be really cheaper to solder the required sensors on my own. It is about $40 cheaper than the RAK8212.

    Am I right that I could run RAK8212-M with espruino so that I do not need a Puck as well? I am wondering that there is no GPRS icon below the image. Can I send a message via internet or SMS using the RAK8212-M?

  • Looks interesting - first I've heard of the RAK8212-M, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't just be a RAK8212 without the sensors soldered on... In which case great - just run the firmware and don't use the sensor-related functions and you'll be fine.

    Am I right that I could run RAK8212-M with espruino so that I do not need a Puck as well?

    Yes, that's right. Only issue is there's not much IO available to you on them (3 pins!)

    Can I send a message via internet or SMS using the RAK8212-M?

    Yes, that should be fine.

  • Great, thank you. Another option might bei the Wio Tracker by Seed. It looks really interesting. But I am worrying if it would Work with the Wio Tracker LTE firmware? Could you check it or tell me if there is a way to run espruino? The Wio Tracker:­2831

  • There is! Seeed actually pay to make sure there's an official firmware for it:

  • I know this. But this is for Wio Tracker LTE. Does it also work with Wio Tracker mentioned above?

  • Ahh, no - I'm afraid not. It's a totally different processor.

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GPS + GPRS (or GSM) module

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