• Hi !
    i would like to set in puck.js a reserved address with NRF.on('connect',function(addr){})
    But i don't know what is the address ( which devices MAC address ? ) i use a Raspberry pi 3 B.
    Is it the mac address of the bluetooth controller? i have already tested with it but it does not work.. maybe i have not correctly write it in my code.

    Thank You !

  • Hi,

    It should be the device's Bluetooth MAC address.

    If you haven't already seen it, this example of doing what you want might be helpful

    Probably the best way to be sure is to just do:

    var addrs = [];
    NRF.on('connect',function(addr){ addrs.push(addr) });

    Then disconnect, connect with the Pi, disconnect, connect with your PC and check what's in the addrs array?

  • OK ! thank you

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puck.js - NRF.on('connect') - limit connection to one device

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