Good javascript reference books?

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  • Hi All,
    I've been spreading Espruino goodness and always have the question from others who are new to javascript, but not new to programming: where can I get a good reference book applicable to Espruino's implementation?
    I frequently have the question of 'what can I do with a class' (say Serial) and would love to have a hardcopy reference nearby instead of popping open yet another window while debugging. Call me crazy, but I don't love working with multiple monitors.
    So the question to the Espruino faithful: what would you recommend? Preferably with an amazon or ISBN reference.

    Thank you all in advance!

  • Well, there's 'Making Things Smart' which is a book about Espruino that I wrote, but it's mainly a 'cookbook' and only has a very small reference section in it that wouldn't cover stuff like 'Serial1'.

    I'm afraid I'm not aware of an actual reference book for Espruino, although it should be possible to build a printable version of reasonably easily.

    Personally I've always fancied a reference in the style of the Borland reference books - I guess if there was enough demand I could see about making one. It might be a good excuse to run through Espruino's existing reference adding examples to all the functions

  • ...good excuse

    I like that very much...

    Writing books is a bottom less pit... If a site is printable, that would be good enough... generated out of what you @Gordon already have.

    I personally moved on from paper, even though I understand and feel the pain of

    popping open yet another window while debugging. Call me crazy, but I don't love working with multiple monitors

    ...and/but I 'like' working with (at least) 3 monitors (15" lap top w/ 21" above and 32" w/ lower resolution at the side...)

  • I always recommend your book :-} As you say, it has has its benefits and limitations. It is great to show what can be done with Espruino, but not a great reference for someone who wants to do something quite different and has at least some good programming experience/expertise.

    I think that a good reference book would be invaluable and help promote it to a another (larger?) set of potential users (customers). My humble opinion, of course.

  • By reference book, you do mean like an API reference?

    So basically but a bit more fleshed out and in a more readable book form?

    I've been looking at doing a proper 'getting started' kit for Espruino (with a book and all the parts you'd need to get some projects done) but I think it may end up being something a bit more targeted, like a 'make your own games' kit.

    I think for someone that doesn't already know what Espruino is, it's going to be a hard sell doing a 'Getting Started with Espruino'

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Good javascript reference books?

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