Nordic "nRF52840 Dongle" Support

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  • Figured it out: The dongle ships with a USB bootloader, located at the end of the flash. And the saved code area is defined right there. Details here

    Moved the saved code area a bit, and now everything seem to be working :)
    Board file and hex attached.

    (If I got the numbers right, but it's getting a bit late. Only tested with a small blinky code. Still, the 52840 has a ton of free flash, so moving the saved flash area is not a big deal)

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  • Tested OK save().

    Compacting Flash...
    Calculating Size...
    Compressed 200000 bytes to 6294
      VERSION: "2v04.121",
      GIT_COMMIT: "572d768e",
      BOARD: "NRF52840DONGLE",
      FLASH: 1048576, RAM: 262144,
      SERIAL: "321d5edb-78df5aa8",
      CONSOLE: "Bluetooth",
      MODULES: "Flash,Storage,hea" ... "etworkJS,neopixel",
      EXPTR: 536885656 }
  • Small update: I think solved the pin naming issue.
    Created alternate pin names like it's done with the NodeMCU pins. For example you P1.09 can be accessed as P1.p09. I think better than doing all the math to add 9 and 32 :)

    Or does anyone have a better idea for pin naming? P1.09 sort-of worked, but the autocomplete reported all kinds of weird ascii characters as properties. Espruino doesn't like properties starting with numbers, so decided to go with p as 'pin' prefix...

    @tcpipchip did you solve your pin naming problem?

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  • I had aborted because was creating only a 800k size! I will test your version with new gpio map that you created! I will use on nina b302 :)

  • I tested the new version, thank you.

      VERSION: "2v04.160",
      GIT_COMMIT: "e4a306e3",
      BOARD: "NRF52840DONGLE",
      FLASH: 1048576, RAM: 262144,
      SERIAL: "321d5edb-78df5aa8",
      CONSOLE: "Bluetooth",
      MODULES: "Flash,Storage,hea" ... "etworkJS,neopixel",
      EXPTR: 536885596 }
  • @AkosLukacs

    Can you map all pins ?

    For example, you forgot
    P0.p03´s working!

  • Only mapped the pins available on the Nordic Dongle. For example P0.03 is not accessible on it. Attached the spreadsheet I used to create the pin maps.

    But yes, I can map the rest of the pins, wanted to do that for the DK as that as all pins routed.

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  • Nince @AkosLukacs

    Please, map them :)

    Thanks for all your help :)

  • wich are the default USART gpio txd / rxd used if i dont want USB serial ?

  • rx: p0.13 (d13)
    tx: p0.15 (d15)

  • Did you enable BLE in on your compile ?
    getting this error during my SCAN to BLE modules making advertising...

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    • Sem título.png
  • The same error to

    var devices;
    NRF.findDevices(function(d) {
      devices = d;
    }, 1000);
    Uncaught Error: BLE error 0x6
     at line 38 col 8
    }, 1000);
    [  ]
    Uncaught Error: BLE error 0x8 (INVALID_STATE)
  • BLE is enabled, I can connect to the dongle via BLE & NUS.
    But the same command fails for me too. I can set up advertising, but can't send notifications.
    This is using a newer SDK version than the nRF52832 chips, and looks like there are missing things. :(

  • yes, that is a problem :(

    Maybe gordon can see that SCAN problem :(

  • That's a strange one - pretty sure I had stuff like that working just fine on the nRF52840 build. The only thing I knew was broken was setting the Scan Response data.

    I'm afraid I don't have time to look into that at the moment though

  • no problem! Verify when have time! 30 days is enough ? :)

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Nordic "nRF52840 Dongle" Support

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