Distance measurement

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  • Hello togehter,

    does somebody has tried to measure the distance with the puckJs?

    Like this?


  • Do you mean using the DWM1000 module with Puck.js, or using Puck.js on its own?

    It has been tried, but it's difficult to get a good reading. The signal strength varies depending on the orientation of Puck.js relative to the receiver so to get any decent accuracy you'll need a lot of sensors.

    However it's fine if you only want to see which receiver Puck.js is nearest.

  • Hi Gordon,
    i mean with the puck.js themselve. The DWM1000 is only the expample.

    If i use 3 or 4 of them, does accuracy can get good enough?
    I have the idea, to place some pucks on a handcart and steer them over the smartphone.

    The smartphone received the transmission rate from all pucks and compute the distance. Then is give the controll commands to a andruino on board.



  • So the Pucks would be static and transmitting advertisements, and the smartphone would receive them to find out its location?

    You'd definitely get some usable location information - but honestly you'd have to try. The accuracy would depend on what distance it is over and whether there are obstacles in the way. It definitely won't be accurate down to the centimeter though!

  • Thx for your response. I will check whether signal strange or angle of arrival could be an option.


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Distance measurement

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