Microbit build issues

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  • I've put 1.99 on a Microbit. I'm having issues connecting over serial - I can't - from a Macbook with OSX 10.11.6

    I can connect over Web Bluetooth, but can't upload anything. Though the same code pasted into the console works fine over Web BT.

    On upload an example error response is :

    >Uncaught Error: Function "setTimeZone" not found!
     at line 1 col 27
    New interpreter error: FIFO_FULL
  • I've just checked and I can connect fine over serial and Web Bluetooth and can upload code, for example:

    var n=0;
    setInterval(function() {

    However I do get the "setTimeZone" not found, and it seems if you're trying to upload a larger amount of code over Web Bluetooth then you get FIFO_FULL because Espruino was still busy trying to write the error message while code was being uploaded.

    I've now added setTimeZone and if you use a cutting edge build now then the code should upload fine. Unfortunately things are getting extremely tight memory-wise in the micro:bit build now so it's always a bit of a struggle. I had to lower the space reserved for saved code this time as it seems it was overlapping with the actual program code.

  • Thanks. Wanted to play with the accelerometer. Appreciate there’s not much room. I best look at my serial again. Thanks again

  • I had to bring the baud right down to 9600 to get connected over serial. Anything higher and I have no console and get the prompt not detected error on upload. Is this the standard baud rate for Microbit - I didn't see it in the docs and I will add it if thats an omission?

    Code upload great over Web BT and serial now.

  • I had to bring the baud right down to 9600 to get connected over serial.

    Yes, this is the standard baud rate for literally every single board running Espruino apart from ESP8266/ESP32 - it might be an idea to add it to the docs, but nobody will have trouble unless they've been trying to use ESP32/etc :)

  • Guilty as charged. Sorry to waste your time on that one :/

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Microbit build issues

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