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  • Hi, i sucessfully compiled the ESPRUINO do nRF52832-MDK.

    I followed the steps­espruino/

    My question is about

    def get_pins():
    pins = pinutils.generate_pins(0,31) # 32 General Purpose I/O Pins.
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD0", True)["functions"]["XL1"]=0;
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD1", True)["functions"]["XL2"]=0;
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD5", True)["functions"]["3.3"]=0;
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD6", True)["functions"]["3.3"]=0;
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD7", True)["functions"]["3.3"]=0;
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD8", True)["functions"]["3.3"]=0;
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD9", True)["functions"]["NFC1"]=0;
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD10", True)["functions"]["NFC2"]=0;
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD13", True)["functions"]["3.3"]=0;
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD14", True)["functions"]["3.3"]=0;

    How does it is constructed ?

    In the NINA BL112 i have this information about pinout used...(attached)

    Can you give some tip how to port to NINA BL112. I see that is not the same pinout of NRF52832 because i can't see anything on TXD during boot

    bTW, NINA BL112 uses nRF52832

    Btw, the Bluetooth Dongle CSR 4.0 can identify the ESPRUINO that uses bluetooth 4.2 ?

    Thank you!

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  • Hi.

    You might be better off using the official DK builds at first:

    It'll be on P0.06 (RX) and P0.08 (TX), however in order for it to initialise the UART (since the UART takes a lot of power to run) you need to boot with P0.06 (RX) connected to a UART adaptor (it its idle state, the UART should be 3.3v, and this is detected)

  • Gordon
    I will test the PINOUT late. First i tryng to use CSR8510 to talk with the NRF52832 UBLOX NINA. I already can see the device!
    Wich is the next step ? If i press continue, it will try to pair and gives error! What am i doing wrong ?
    Why is tryng to pair ?

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  • Try following the getting started instructions for Bluetooth LE devices:

    If you're on Windows 7 you need to install the native Web IDE

  • Yes, i know Gordon! I had installed, but...

    How in the WEB IDE i find the NRF5, scanning...and pairing...

  • You need the Native IDE, and you don't need to pair:­ive-application

    See the bit at the end about 'Zadig' too: For Windows earlier than 8.1

  • Hi gordon

    Thank you so much! It´s working! !!!

    About, can you help me to config to NINA BLE 112 ? I had config to work with ARDUINO, but i would like to config to NINA.

    Can you help me ?

    This is my NINA MAP

    onst uint32_t g_ADigitalPinMap[] = {
    NC,//0 NC
    NC,//1 NC
    NINA_B1_GPIO_24,//2 i2c sda D14
    NINA_B1_GPIO_25,//3 i2c scl D15
    NINA_B1_GPIO_27,//4 AN2
    NINA_B1_GPIO_23,//5 RXD D0
    NINA_B1_GPIO_22,//6 TXD D1
    NINA_B1_GPIO_21,//7 CTS D2
    NINA_B1_GPIO_1,//8 LED1 D9
    NINA_B1_GPIO_28,//9 D6
    NINA_B1_GPIO_29,//10 D7
    NINA_B1_GPIO_2,//11 SPI_CS D10
    NINA_B1_GPIO_3,//12 SPI_MISO D12
    NINA_B1_GPIO_4,//13 SPI_MOSI D11
    NINA_B1_GPIO_5,//14 SPI_SCK D13
    NC,//15 NC
    NC,//17 NC
    NINA_B1_GPIO_8,//18 LED D4
    NC,//19 NC
    NC,//20 NC
    NC,//21 NC
    NC,//22 NC
    NC,//23 NC
    NC,//24 NC
    NC,//25 NC
    NC,//26 NC
    NINA_B1_GPIO_16,//28 AN5
    NINA_B1_GPIO_17,//29 AN4
    NINA_B1_GPIO_18,//30 AN3
    NINA_B1_GPIO_20 //31 RTS D3

  • The best thing I can suggest is to look at the other .py files in the directory, but also check out­b/master/­finition-file-- as it describes the file and all parts of it.

  • Hi Gordon (i remember always the Gordon comissary - BATMAN)!,

    i read the theory!

    I guess that i changed in the correct place!

    **def get_pins():
    pins = pinutils.generate_pins(0,31) # 32 General Purpose I/O Pins.
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD0", True)["functions"]["XL1"]=0; #OK NC
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD1", True)["functions"]["XL2"]=0; #OK NC
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD2", True)["functions"]["I2C_SDA"]=0; #OK AN1 i2c_sda
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD3", True)["functions"]["I2C_SCL"]=0; #OK AN0 i2c_scl
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD4", True)["functions"]["ADC1_IN2"]=0; #OK AN2
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD5", True)["functions"]["RXD"]=0; #OK TXD D0
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD6", True)["functions"]["TXD"]=0; #OK TXD D1
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD7", True)["functions"]["CTS"]=0; #OK CTS D2
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD8", True)["functions"]["LED_1"]=0; #OK LED1 D9
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD9", True)["functions"]["NFC1"]=0; #OK NFC1 D6
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD10", True)["functions"]["NFC2"]=0; #OK NFC1 D7
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD11", True)["functions"]["SPI_CS"]=0; #OK SPI_CS D10
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD12", True)["functions"]["SPI_MISO"]=0; #OK SPI_MISO D12
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD13", True)["functions"]["SPI_MOSI"]=0; #OK SPI_MOSI D11
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD14", True)["functions"]["SPI_SCK"]=0; #OK SPI_SCK D13
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD16", True)["functions"]["LED_2"]=0; #OK LED2/SWITCH
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD18", True)["functions"]["LED_3"]=0; #OK LED3 D4
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD28", True)["functions"]["ADC1_IN5"]=0; #OK AN5
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD29", True)["functions"]["ADC1_IN4"]=0; #OK AN4
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD30", True)["functions"]["ADC1_IN3"]=0; #OK AN3
    pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD31", True)["functions"]["RTS"]=0; #OK RTS D3

  • I compiled with the NEW parameter attached, Gordon

    make clean && BOARD=NRF52832_MDK RELEASE=1 make

    I got 2 files
    osboxes@osboxes:~/Espruino$ ls *.hex -l
    -rw-r--r-- 1 osboxes osboxes 64662 Jun 20 14:33 bootloader_espruino_1v99.73_nrf52832_mdk­.hex
    -rw-r--r-- 1 osboxes osboxes 1107172 Jun 20 14:33 espruino_1v99.73_nrf52832_mdk.hex

    What i have to do ? Burn both and add the softdevice.hex too

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  • I burned it using JTAG and DRAG and DROP

    WEB IDE can detect it but can not connect! Stay CONNECTING

    Some tip ?

  • the original hex works, my hex execute but try to connect
    i see some K different size
    Can you help me! Please!

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  • make clean && BOARD=NRF52832_MDK RELEASE=1 make
    Is this the correct parameters ?

  • i think that is something wrong with compiler, because the hex created with original or not runs on NRF52822 (NINA), the PC detects them, but not connects.

    can you compile with the that .py attached and send me hex to me find out the problem ?

  • Sorry - I provide all the source code to Espruino completely for free, and quite a lot of support for free even for people not using official boards - but I draw the line at compiling firmware for other boards for you :)

  • no problem. I still want to recomend your ESPRUINO. Why NINA can not be your official module too in the future ? I am support in South America and i see your software one of better solution that i have seen. Many clients asked about tools programming!

  • What does the NINA BL112 module do that the MDBT42Q doesn't?

    I actually sell MDBT42Q modules pre-programmed with Espruino for less money than you can buy a bare NINA BL112 for (at least in the UK), and it helps support Espruino development.

  • Do you mean that make money to invest on ESPRUINO, when resell the modules, right ? And how much in UK the NINA BL112 ?

  • Hi Gordon
    I successfully ported ESPRUINO to NINA BL112 (BLUETOOTH and USART)
    Can i recomend to the SOUTH AMERICA NINA BL112 clients ? We could offer a standard hex version, and if the client wants full support, pay you for a support licence for you? What do you think about ?
    Or, can you give some other suggestion for you get money!

  • It's hard to find sellers in the UK, but these guys come up in a Google search and are £16.60 (vs £12 for the MDBT42, fully programmed - far less in quantity).

    How much does the NINA BL112 cost you then? I find it hard to believe that the MDBT42 isn't substantially cheaper as UBlox are usually quite expensive.

    You can definitely tell your clients about Espruino on the BL112, and yes - I can offer paid support for them. However I honestly think it'd be in everyone's best interests to stick with MDBT42 if at all possible.

  • Hi gordon

    Wich is your particular e-mail ?

    I can tell you that this representative will have a competitive price, but he can´t sell only in South America, contractual rules.

    The NINA BL112 is newer and i hope that will send a lot of units if we offer a software plataform as ESPRUINO easy to use, with basic libraries.

    My question about paid support, is it possible you developt a client software that connects to an ESPRUINO SERVER and allows to burn the BL112 and how many times was BURN ?

    For example, the client buy a licence, and type this licence in a software that allow this software burn a N quantities of BL112 ? And this licences prices depends on wich libraries he wants ?

  • I've just sent an email... it's quite hard to do this kind of per-device licence as someone could just build their own firmwares. I'm sure we could work something out though.

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nina bl112

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