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  • I've got a design for laser-cut perspex cases for Pixl.js, which include pressable buttons and even pin names on the back.

    Who is interested in these?

    I'll put the designs online for free, but realistically if I get a bunch made it's going to end up being much cheaper and easier than if you all have to send away for one.

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  • I'd be interested. No access to a laser cutter, but would the design lends itself to 3D printing?

  • I'm interested in 2

  • Interested

  • I prefer a 3d printed one and will start a design be next week.

  • It turns out you can cut it out on a £150 diode laser engraver. That's what I used for some of the prototype bits (with the slightly less shiny edge). You could 3D print it I guess, but a custom design would be a lot better to avoid printing the different slices.

    @MaBe great! OpenSCAD? :) I'll try and send over the SVGs I have - they might help for measurements.

  • Yep, will use OpenSCAD and SVG would make things easier - Thanks in advance

  • FYI, I am designing a 3d-printable housing for the PixL.js. I will publish the files as soon as it is finished.

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  • Nice - thanks! :)

  • For those who have a 3d printer and don't know what to print right now, maybe you could try this housing and tell me if the two parts are correctly tied together :-)

  • Looks really good - any chance you could upload STLs as well? I think they might be a bit easier for most people.

  • Yes , sure. I didn't even try to 3d print it, maybe tomorrow morning . As soon as the housing is " good enough" I will give access to STL files.
    In the meantime, if anyone has suggestions for this housing, please let me know here .

  • Just forgot to say that a STEP file of the PixL.js ( simplified) is already available on the git. I made it available to let people make their own housing around it.

  • As much I like the form factor - not adding much to the foot print - I'm working on something that would bring the buttons to the top next to the screen.

  • In the meantime, if anyone has suggestions for this housing, please let me know here

    Nice. One suggestion would be an opening for access to the micro-USB port?

  • I will try to see what it looks like with an USB hole. My first assumption is that it would not be very sexy, because the hole must be large enough to accept the plastic part of the microUSB connector. I will try and see what it looks like. Stay tuned :)

  • Maybe like a breakout, for those who need it?

  • @allObjects I love the top-button idea. I never even thought of that, but some kind of lever arrangement would work really well!

  • OK I just printed the first version.
    The bottom part is not easy to clip and some dimensions need some fine tuning, however it does the job.
    I'll work on that soon.

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  • and the top

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  • Looks good!

  • this is what I am working on:

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  • Also looks good @MaBe. You guys are saving us a job.

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Pixl.js cases

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