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  • Hi!

    Just wondering whether someone might be able to add a Wikipedia page on Espruino? There isn't one at the moment, and I'm not supposed to do it since I have a personal interest in it :)

    Espruino is already mentioned a few places so it seems sensible to have an article­rch=Espruino

    Especially when NodeMCU and even Mongoose OS seem to have their own pages, it seems stupid Espruino doesn't. There are loads of references that could be included (as I understand it you need a bunch before they'll accept it):

  • Hey Gordon,

    I just started on a draft page. But I should note that even though I've been consuming Wikipedia forever, this'll be my first contribution. And I don't want to anger the Wikipedia Gods by not correctly citing, etc., so it might be a day or two until I hit that publish button! Though I'll actually probably try to get a basic bare-bones page up asap, and then work on getting more detailed info after that.

  • That's great - thanks! No problem. It'll be great to get something up :)

  • Just submitted the barebones draft for official review. It's pretty underwhelming but I'll expand it once approved.

    Apparently it can take up to 4 weeks??!

  • Thanks! Well, looks like it's been declined already. Yay wikipedia! I'll try and add some more sources to it :)

  • Ok, done - not sure if you want to look over and resubmit? Just added 2 books and a magazine.

    Ought to be enough given Mongoose doesn't have a single published source, but I guess we'll see :)

  • Hey, sorry I totally missed the notification for your latest post above.

    I just resubmitted. Fingers crossed!

  • Wohoo! Thanks!

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Espruino on Wikipedia

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