[error] fifo_full

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  • Hi Gordon,

    I am working with firmware 1v97.2 and received following error:

    New interpreter error: FIFO_FULL
    WARNING: jsble_exec_pending: Unknown enum type 116

    Thank you!

  • FIFO_FULL means that there was more data coming in to Espruino than it could handle.

    More than likely it's due to:

    • Code that outputs a lot of data to the console - Puck.js waits for the data to send, but during that time data is coming in.
    • Code that keeps Puck.js busy for a long time - especially if that code is written so it runs as the code is being uploaded
    • Lots of data coming in to Espruino, for example setWatch on a pin that changes state very often.

    In this case given the jsble_exec_pending error it looks like it might be some BLE issues - maybe using setScan for advertising data but taking a long time to process it?

    Are you able to post up you code? Also when does the error occur? At upload time, or at some point later on?

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[error] fifo_full

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