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  • Hi all,

    Is there any example in Espruino that shows a file upload to a webserver? Basically I am trying to speed test my access point/router by uploading a file and measure how long it took to upload a file and then how long it took it to download a same file. Any leads to an example project will be much appreciated.


  • So you want the Espruino to upload to a webserver, or you want Espruino itself to be a webserver, which accepts file uploads?

    If it's the latter then there's some code available for it here:­ues/226#issuecomment-181443491

    Otherwise I think it depends a little on the server - but if it's expecting a standard HTTP POST then it shouldn't be too hard (I just don't think anybody has asked this so far).

    Having said all that I imagine that unless you're very careful you're probably going to hit speed limits in Espruino itself, not your access point :)

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File upload

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