Porting Espruino to MDBT42Q

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  • Hi all,

    I have played a little bit with Puck.js and now I want to make few custom boards with oLED, MBDT42Q etc. for my new home project. I need some guidance how can I port Espruino on to MDBDT420 as it is the same module used in Puck.js.

    I have J-link lite, nRFgo studio and have played around little bit with nrfjprog.exe and mergehex.

    I guess my main question is the zipped firmware listed on Espruino GitHub is a bin file whereas nrfGo sutdio wants hex file. Also, where can I get espruino bootloader and espruino hex file so I can merge them with mergehex and then flash the BLE module using J-link lite. I assume I can use softdevice 132 from Nordic website as that should be standard across nrf52 modules.



  • Hi - yes, the Puck firmware on the site doesn't the a bootloader or softdevice... But you can find utilities (intelhex python lib and mergehex?) that'll convert bin to hex and you can just upload it without a bootloader.

    Realistically you'd want to set up a build environment yourself using the info here: https://github.com/espruino/Espruino/blo­b/master/README_Building.md

    and then you can do custom images, with a bootloader if needed.

    However I'm actually planning on selling pre-programmed modules really soon now that come with a bootloader on: http://www.espruino.com/MDBT42Q

    And I'm producing mdbt42q images for just the bare modules as well... So if you haven't yet bought any modules I'd hold off until I'm selling them - they'll actually be a very similar price to what you can buy them from online normally.

  • Just to add, I deleted your duplicate post on the official boards forum. This is definitely the right place to ask questions like this.

  • Thanks Gordon, I will wait for the mdbt42q image.

  • How far away are you from having the mdbt42q modules for sale ? We need some more !

  • :) I've got a bunch here - if you email me what you want I'll send some out.

    I'll be skipping Tindie and launching a shop on Espruino.com where I already have listings for them set up. I'm supposedly on holiday this week and am talking at MakerCon next week, but the plan is to launch the shop when I get back from that (as I'd like to be around to sort out any teething problems!).

  • I'd like to get my hands on a couple also @Gordon. Possible?

  • Could you wait 2 weeks? It'll be really nice and easy when they're available on the Espruino store... All the invoices/tax/etc gets done automatically.

  • No problem.

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Porting Espruino to MDBT42Q

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