Mass Configuration of Pucks (semi-urgent)

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  • Hey all,

    What can I use to configure dozens of pucks with some code?

    I'd like to autoscript it is possible with variables. I have a spreadsheet with all the MACs, and I'd like to connect to each one it can see and upload a tailored code to each one.

    Is this possible? Please tell me it is Gordon :)


  • Hi,

    As in your other post:­318682/#comment14158558

    Install the Espruino CLI:

    You need Node.js and NPM (which should come with it), then run npm install -g espruino.

    But then you want to export your code to a CSV file and then write a script that grabs the code out of the CSV file, makes the script you want to upload, and then calls espruino -p de:vi:ce:ad:dr:es script.js

    Let me know if you need a hand with that though.

    You mentioned "I'd like to connect to each one it can see" rather than just connecting to each in turn - so in that case you'd probably want to call espruino --list | grep Puck, then iterate over the results of that and grab the relevant data out of your CSV file (which you could do with grep again)

  • You rock... I will give it a go.

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Mass Configuration of Pucks (semi-urgent)

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