Applying power to USB and Vin at the same time

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  • Hey guys,
    What happens if I have a battery connected to the Vin and GND of my Espruino Pico and then connect it to a USB port? Will I burn my Pico, or is it safe to do so?


  • Yes, it's totally fine, see:

    It's got circuitry in there to safely switch between USB power or battery power as needed - just make sure you don't put too high a voltage on it, but if you're anything below 10v you're totally safe.

    It's the same on both on the Pico and Original Espruino. The Espruino WiFi doesn't have any battery switchover circuitry though.

  • That's awesome! It's amazing how much effort and dedication you put into each and every board...
    Cool how the Espruino Pico has everything from native USB to battery switchover to a button and two LEDs, it's mind blowing.

  • Thanks! If you don't mind posting it'd be great to see what you do with it when it's all wired up :)

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Applying power to USB and Vin at the same time

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