External interrupt limitation due to the NVIC

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  • Hi guys,

    I was discussing with my colleagues the problem of the NVIC multiplexer within the STm32 (and probably every CortexM) that limits the number of external interrupts.
    For example, EXTI1_IRQHandler can be triggered by any pin Px.1 (mutually exclusive) among the available ports, a limitation is therefore that you cannot enable an interrupt simultaneously on PA.1 and PB.1.
    Then came Espruino into the discussion, and we wondered how is it possible to do a setWatch on PA.1 in addition to another setWatch on pin PB.1?
    If possible, what is the trick? Does Espruino poll the inputs and generate virtual interrupts?

  • My understanding was PA.1 and PA.2 is fine but not PA.1 and PB.1 . Thats how i understand the 2. Note in the setWatch reference.

  • whoops sorry, you're right. Corrected :-)

  • Well thanks for pointing the note in the setWatchreference ! That's a good answer.
    It seems that this limitation can't be bypassed :-/

  • This would be my guess too, since its hardware related. Maybe you could add some layer on top of it, like you mentioned with polling, but i imagine this would come at a hefty price speedwise.

  • Yes, I'm not sure if it can be worked around :(

    It's not specific to the Cortex M because the Nordic chips don't have the limitation (you can attach an interrupt to any pin - but then you have less interrupts in total). While STM32F1/F4 have the issue I wonder whether maybe some other ST devices don't.

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External interrupt limitation due to the NVIC

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