Pico HID USB, Windows 7 and back communication.

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  • Hello!

    I did some tests with Keyboard HID sample code, it works with Virtual Com Port at the same time under Windows 10.

    But under Windows 7 I see it as:

    1. VCP with no working Keyboard emulation.
    2. Working Keyboard emulation (after deleting VCP ST driver) with no VCP and IDE connection.

    Yes, I read all in search about this HID USB in this forum, but still can't be sure about, can't figure it out clearly.

    1. Is it possible to avoid VCP driver without it's uninstall? Can't make it work with:

      function onInit(){
      setWatch(function(){ USB.setConsole();}, BTN, true);

      Must this make Pico to be recognized as a Keyboard with sample code?

    2. Ok, looks like Windows 10 works in both ways: income as a USB keyboard and possible feedback to device LEDs with a Com port connection. How this can be done in any other way, to support Windows 7 or make a proper connection? How any feedback is possible?

    My main target is a custom joystick with LEDs. I Imagine this as a USB HID Joystick and a small app to listen target application and manage device LEDs.

  • I'm not sure if this is possible on Windows 7 I'm afraid. You might be able to write a custom inf file for it but I'm not sure.

    I had a quick search and it could be related to Windows 'cacheing' the driver setup because it had used the board previously - you could try reinstalling the VCP driver and see if that fixes it?

    Also, do you have up to date firmware? I know the USB HID support has improved from the one that ships on Pico boards.

    The other solution is to communicate with the Pico purely over the VCP connection, and to then use your app to fake the joystick?

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Pico HID USB, Windows 7 and back communication.

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