Minify option missing in Native IDE

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  • I am using the native IDE, as that is the only one I find I can connect successfully to the MDBT42 module with on Windows. However the minify options are not on the settings page - how do I get that option ?

    I need to get the minify working as I am now getting ERROR: Too big to save to flash (13812 vs 12284 bytes) - although I do have 957 memory blocks still free

    I also get New interpreter error: MEMORY_BUSY, not sure if that is an issue also ?

  • I'll take a look at this on Monday.

    Out of interest, what device are you using it with?

  • It was one of the MDBT42 that you supplied to me pre-programmed with v1.94.170. It is running on our own custom board.

  • Great! I ask because I've been talking to Nordic and apparently there are some folks there that don't think Espruino is used in industry - it's nice to have a little ammunition when I next talk to them :)

    I've just boosted the amount of flash dedicated to saved code - there was no reason for it to be that small in nRF52, so if you use a new firmware from the travis builds you should find the amount of memory available for saving has gone from 12k to 40k.

    Hopefully newer firmwares will go a long way towards getting rid of 'MEMORY_BUSY' errors too.

    On the IDE front, I figured out the issue - there's some really weird scoping issue when loading the main.js file in NW.js which means that the utf8 library doesn't load properly. I've got a fix which I'll roll into a new IDE release today - there's just something else I'd like to get fixed first as well.

  • Sounds great. I will give it a try tomorrow.

  • Minify back which is great !
    Can I get the MDBT42 into BLE DFU mode by holding P0.0 high on power up ? (as per Puck)

    If so I need to allow for that in my next PCB iteration.

  • Yes, you can - plus D1 is a LED that indicates bootloader status.

    I'll document it all a bit better and will actually list them in an online shop soon. Unfortunately it's all got a bit delayed. Just ask if you have any other questions though.

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Minify option missing in Native IDE

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