Web Bluetooth in Chrome for Windows!

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  • Google just posted this:


    Web Bluetooth support good enough for Puck.js has just landed in Chrome Canary (the beta version of Chrome). This is awesome news - and hopefully will go a long way towards making windows' users lives much easier!

  • ...like the sequence in which the working platforms are mentioned:

    1. Espruino
    2. Nordic

    Congrats, @Gordon!

  • Has anyone tried the new feature?

  • I have - unfortunately last time I checked they hadn't got 'notifications' working, so no data could be read back from Puck.js. You could connect, could write code on the right-hand side of the IDE and upload, but couldn't see any responses.

    I did tell them about it, so hopefully it's something they'll fix soonish.

  • I found the same problem you had. Connected, I write but I do not receive notification data... We await updates 😉

  • Yes - sorry about that. When Google themselves posted it worked I just posted it up immediately before I'd had a chance to check. I should have updated this post!

  • Thanks! We'll see what happens :)

  • Do we know if there's been any progress on this front?

  • Not apart from what's on Google's bug tracker - maybe bug them there and see if it helps? https://github.com/WebBluetoothCG/web-bl­uetooth/issues/387

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Web Bluetooth in Chrome for Windows!

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