• Hi Guys,

    I forked the Espruino's GitHub repos.
    I didn't made any modification and I tried to compile everything after the installation of all the tools (python, gcc, gcc for ARM 5 2016 q3, on Linux Ubuntu 17.10).

    I compiled the code for the EspruinoWiFi board by running the following:

    make clean && BOARD=ESPRUINOWIFI RELEASE=1 make

    The code compiled successfully. I loaded the firmware onto my EspruinoWiFi board, but it does not works. Once I restart the board, the led on the board remains red.

    Someone experienced the same?


  • Hi Guys,

    sorry, after some investigation I realised that I was working on the master dev branch, so it would be possible that is not stable.
    Once I checked out on the last stable release, I worked like a charm.


  • Great! Thanks for letting us know - another thing you could do it to try the latest travis builds and see if they work: http://www.espruino.com/binaries/travis/¬≠master/

    If they don't then it's something I'd be very interested it sorting out though!

  • Sure, I'll do it quite often, so I can keep you guys informed.
    BTW: I found a good way to have a stable compile process on macOS, I'll proceed with a pull request if you want

  • What did you have to change? If it's something reasonably non-invasive then a PR would be great!

  • just the SH script to allow the build.
    There was the command "stat" command is not compatible with macOS / OSX. I added a block to discriminate the alternative command on OS type basis

  • Sounds great - yes, a PR would be really handy. Which script was it? I thought in the Makefile we have some OS-specific stuff for that already, but possibly something else got added that fell into the same trap.

  • I am handling all the scripts/create*.sh files.
    Yep, indeed in the Makefile we have something, but is not enough if you run the scripts to have a complete binary. Anyways, I can PR the boards that I've already tested.

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Compiled Espruino for EspruinoWiFi won't work on my board

Posted by Avatar for simonedicicco @simonedicicco