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  • Hi, just received an Espruino Wifi. Easy to program - got some stuff working immediately.

    Now I want to connect some sensors. I was wondering - is there a breakout board? Or an option to buy one without pins?

    My only other option it seems is to use a plain through hole circuit board that I cut down and create a breakout board myself, which seems like a lot of work every time I get a new Espruino.


  • I did solder to a breadboard with tabs. Just wondering if there was anything created specifically for the Espruino WIFI available.

  • Hi,

    sure, you can find a lot of "break-outed" sensors on Amazon, like this one:­Temperature-Sensor-Breakout/dp/B00YNT2LF­6

    This one, for example, is interfaced with I2C. There's nothing really specific for a board, usually breakouts works with standard communications protocols like I2C, SPI, USART and others.

    Hope I helped,

  • Sorry, Simon, I was looking for a breakout board for the EspruinoWifi itself. I actually have a DS1B20 all hooked up and working.

  • ahh sorry, I do have a EspruinoWiFu. just working with a plastic breadboard

  • I made a specific prototyping board for the Espruino Pico. I was originally planning to do that for the Espruino WiFi, but it seemed like you could just use normal prototyping board (smaller boards here)

    Disclosure: I'm linking to shit I sell

  • ^^^ I can highly recommend @DrAzzy's stuff.

    I'm afraid there's no option to get the Espruino WiFi without pins, and I don't know of any specific breakout boards for it.

    However it was designed to sit reasonably well in breadboard, so you could use that for temporary stuff, or could use something like this with some pin strip for slightly more permanent things.

    Personally, I often use dupont sockets/pins like this for reasonably permanent uses of WiFi/Pico boards. You can buy pre-made wires (male-female,male-male and female-female) and can then poke them into a plastic header in the order you want to give them some permanence.

    Obviously it totally depends on your use-case, but sometimes you'll just want to connect to one or two small things, and the dupont wires can be great for that).

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Breakout board

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