Help TSL2591 Digital Light Sensor

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  • I could need some help writing a conversion function to lux for this sensor. Contrary to the other light sensors of this manufacturer they do not provide a formular in the datasheet to convert from sensor output in counts to lux. The different conversion functions i could find floating around in the internet are all derived from the adafruit code for this sensor. But according to multiple sources the results are not correct so i left that function out for the time being.

    Since i do not really need a conversion to lux and i can not validate a against a luxmeter i put this work in progress code to the public. I hope someone is proficient in this area and can round off the code with this last missing piece.

    You can find the source, examples and documentation in my github account here.

  • With some quick googling:­s/Ambient-Light-Sensors/TSL25911

    Which under techical docs lead to:­83/1114577/version/1

    I'm not family with the adafruit code - so this Amy or may not be of use!

  • @Wilberforce Thanks for looking into this. I did find those documents too, but they are all for other sensors and in almost every document they come up with some magic device specific constants. Sadly the other sensor are quite different spec-wise so i can't work with those formulars and/or magic constants.

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Help TSL2591 Digital Light Sensor

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