Change MCU of Pico to STM32F412CG

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  • Hi Gordon,
    is possible to order a pico board (or more) with STM32F412CG ??


  • Hi - I'm afraid not. I have to get the boards manufactured in the 1000s to get the cost down, so doing 1-offs gets painful, especially as I'd have to do a custom build of the software.

    You could swap the chip over yourself, or have you considered an Espruino WiFi board? Even if you don't use the WiFi it has a faster processor (F411), more RAM and Flash, and an external RTC oscillator.

    Was there something specific you wanted the F412 for?

  • I want F412 for RAM and Flash size but with Pico form factor, for the custom build is not a problem, i can do it myself.

    How much can the replacement of the MCU cost for 10 pieces?


  • I'd be able to rework them and put the STM32F412CG on for £35 ex VAT each (so £350 total) - but custom builds would be up to you.

    STM32F413CG would I believe also be pin compatible if you wanted that instead? I got sent some samples of each by ST so I could fit either.

  • If possible STM32F413CG I prefer, even more RAM, the minimum order is 10? Or can I ask for a lower number? 1 or 2?

    Thank you

  • I'll do 2 for £40 each - it just takes a while to get everything set up.

  • OK, if you send me a private message with details for the payment I will send you the amount.

    email: ---------


  • Ok, emailed!

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Change MCU of Pico to STM32F412CG

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