• That should be boot up.

    Loving my first adventures with the Espruinio Wifi.

    However I'm having an issue getting the http module to work from flashed memory when not using the web ide.

    When I send code across (using send and save) everything works fine — http module fetches data from the net just great, displaying data on an oled screen.

    Then when I unplug the board and and plug it back in, powering the board, the start up sequence I've created all works, telling me on the old screen it's connected to wifi all fine, but when it then tries to access anything via the http module it just stalls. I've tried it with different urls and they all behave the same - work great via the web ide, but not on normal boot up.

    Any ideas?

  • Managed to get to the bottom of this.

    If I plug the board into a USB power adapter (not a USB port on my Mac) it all boots up and works fine. If i try and power it up from a USB port on my mac it hangs when it gets to the http part. My guess is it's trying to communicate through the USB port. Maybe something to do with me sending console.log messages?

  • Ahh, yes - check out the section I typed save() but Espruino won't work (or stops working quickly) when powered from a computer (it only works from a USB power supply, battery, or the computer when the Web IDE is running) in Troubleshooting: http://www.espruino.com/Troubleshooting

    Basically Espruino can't tell if you've got an application running on your PC or not, and it decides not to lose any data you send down USB - so once a certain amount of info has been printed to the console it'll stop and wait for it to be read.

    You could just do console.log = function(){}; to stop prints, or you can forcibly move the console elsewhere with (for example) Serial1.setConsole()

  • Thanks Gordon —I should have taken a look at the trouble shooting first!

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http module doesn't seem to work on boot up only in web ide

Posted by Avatar for BrendanDawes @BrendanDawes