Multiple sessions of web IDE

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  • During testing Bluetooth, connection to more than one board is helpful.
    Doing this with WebIDE and putty is doable, but comfort of WebIDE is missing in one window.
    Gordon guided me to­ive-application.
    This works fine, but only with one session.

    At the end I found sandboxie, an application which starts applications in a sandbox.
    In a first test I run 2 WebIDE's and connected to two boards.
    For more than 1 sandbox you need to buy a licence.
    Is there anybody having more experience with this tool ?

  • Very interesting... I while ago I was not looking for connections... but for multi-file/document editor.. this could give me what I was looking for then, and now also the means for doing projects with connected Espruinos...

    At work I've shifted from VMs to Docker technology... a bit a different angle than hardware connections (all http/:#port connections). It is great for creating multiple servers working together... may be there is something like dockerized desktop... Take a look at, for example, this: docker-desktop...

  • Is it so you like it?

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  • run this in own folder:
    git clone --recursive­DE.git

    then you get a copy, double or 3 duble this folder or more.

    in chrome://extensions/
    do "Load unpacked extension" from your copyes

    then in:
    you have

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  • Wasn't there a problem with Google not supporting functions needed for WebIDE anymore around end of this year ?

  • They're not allowing new apps on the Web Store, but I think existing ones are working, and I'm not sure they will actually be disabling the unpacked extensions.

    Is this something that would get a lot of use? I could see how easy it'd be to add multiple windows.

  • In my humble opinion, given the stake of IoT applications today, it will help a lot to have easily available open WebIDEs to multiple Espruino instances. It will ease build and debugging of projects with multiple Espruinos and Pucks.

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Multiple sessions of web IDE

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