Is Espruino down for anyone else?

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  • I was just using the Web IDE earlier today and everything was fine. However now my Web IDE is not properly connecting & sending code to the board and I can no longer reach I was just wondering if anyone else was having a similar issue?

    Also I'm sorry if this is the wrong board for this post. I was not sure where to place it and "news" seemed the closest. If it's in the wrong spot I will move or delete it.

    Thank you!

  • @Ken, works just fine for me... access to works, the most used when doing something like require("moduleName"); for example require("DS18B20"); uses .../modules/DS18B20.min.js, or .../modules/DS18B20.js (DS18B20 is a one-wire temperature sensor).

  • Huh. Unfortunately I still can't access the site or the links you sent and the Web IDE is still hanging. I tried on several computers here and even restarted my modem and router and still nothing. However when I tried over my cell network (not wifi) the site loads. So sounds like it may be something with the ISP or network on my end. Thanks for the reply allObjects.

  • @Ken, np. To make sure you still can work - disconnected - copy the modules - source and minified - into your sandbox modules folder (of course when you have connection...).

  • Oh awesome! Thanks for the tip. Hoping it resolved tomorrow, but if not a trip to the coffee shop may be in order. My copy of "Making Things Smart" by Gordon just came in and I have some things I want to try. :) Again thanks for the tip!

  • ...sent you message.

  • Is it back now? The website seems to be ok for me here.

    There's an even easier way to work offline now - just go to Offline Mode in settings and click Download offline data. If you have no network access on that PC at all, download the offline data (linked in that menu) separately and upload it with the button there.

    (Moving this off the news page into 'general' as well - I'm trying to keep News mainly for announcements).

  • Hey Gordon, Yes it is, thank you! It resolved itself the following day. It must have been something our our ISP.

    As for the Offline Mode, I saw that and as soon as I re-connected I turned that on. Nice feature. Thank you. :)

  • No problem! When offline mode is on, you need to watch out that you won't get any updates to any of the modules/etc. Personally I'd make sure you've downloaded the offline file, but leave it disabled unless you hit issues.

  • Yes, that is exactly what I did. Thanks again!

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Is Espruino down for anyone else?

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