• Hi,

    Just for me to get the idea, is there any small preferably high-resolution or even very high resolution, LCD or electronic ink, that I could connect to the Puck.JS, that is about the size of the Puck.JS itself - maybe a bit smaller or bigger (say any in the size interval +- 50% of the Puck.JS).

    Rectangular and circular shape of the LCD are both fine.

    Like, what interface is it connected via and about what API would I draw with from the Puck.JS environment, URL to manufacturer and to store where I can purchase it?


  • Could any OLEDs as found in here about SSD1306 OLED driver do the job for you?

    Also check this thread in which e-ink / e-paper and puck are mentioned.

    Espruino software/modules runs on all Espruino boards and supports the communication interface options.

  • Puck.js can use pretty much any display that Espruino devices can - and there are quite a few different ones! http://www.espruino.com/Graphics

    As @allObjects says, the SSD1306 OLED could be a good option as the smaller ones can just about fit within Puck.js's outline. There are some links to buy them at the bottom of the page: https://www.espruino.com/SSD1306

    Those displays use SPI or I2C, but can connect via any available pins on Puck.js. The graphics API is standard across all displays, so once you have the code you want you can swap between displays pretty easily

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Is there any small high-resolution LCD or electronic ink, that I can connect to the Puck.JS?

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