• Hi, I have a few questions that I am sure someone can answer very quickly before I start buying 100's of Puck JS's for our new business/product. My questions are as follows:

    1) The Puck JS I understand has a switch built into its case that can switch LEDs on etc. Can I hard wire/replace the built in switch with a stronger switch, the switch I will use will be a High Grade Military switch as it needs to be very strong to withstand hard hits to it (Both by hand and foot). The switch I will use will be a momentary switch, i.e push to activate. Is it easier enough to wire the Military switch wires onto the Puck JS either to replace the built in switch or run in parallel etc?

    Answer Please:

    2) The Puck JS has built in LED's but they will not be big enough or bright enough for our product. I intend to make a round PCB board with either 8 or 12 large BRIGHT LED's on it and that the Military switch will sit in the middle of. I understand I will need an external power supply etc to control the other 8/12 LED's and this is OK, but can I take the data signal that the Puck JS uses for its own internal LED and use that to control my large external LED's when my switch has been pressed?

    Answer Please:

    3) I understand the Puck JS, and as per the video I saw, can be set up as a slave and master system, where by when one of the switches in the Puck JS is connected (touched) and thus turning off the LED in that Puck JS, that another Puck JS a few feet away will be activated and its LED comes on, and so on and so on.

    If so what is the maximum control range from Puck to Puck. 5 foot/20 foot?

    Answer Please:

    How many Puck JS can be talking to each other via the master Puck JS. Maximum I need is 12 but could work with 8. I am not very good with coding, so any advise help anyone could give on how to make the Puck JS talk to each other would be very much appreciated.

    Answer Please:

    How hard would it be to make an APP (Blue Tooth?) that can also be used to decide which of the 8 or 12 Puck JS LED's come on and when? So that people who use it can set their own training session, i.e if your left arm has been broken and you have to do exercise to make your left arm stronger you can make the LEFT sided Puck JS LED's come on more and not just random.

    Answer Please:

    Is there a way to give feedback and data to people as to how much they improve in terms of speed/reaction time etc and have this sent via BLE to a mobile via an App?

    Answer Please:

    Please see below a mock up of what I am wanting to make using the Puck JS, the round blue circles in the red LED's represents the Military switches that will be touched to activate the OFF of that LED/Puck JS and then triggering another LED/Puck JS to come on.

    Many thanks Jonathan

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  • Does it have to be wireless between the lights with switches since you anyway a decent power supply to feed your LED 'flowers'. You could go with one puck per device as pictured, add a I2c or SPI 16 port expander with FET drivers for the lights and another 16 port expander to collect the momentary switch presses. The pucks could talk with each other and control lights - on / off - across such devices.

  • Many thanks for the feedback and some good points. Yes 100% wireless, no wires at all for safety reasons, yes I don't mind using 1 x Puck per LED flower, that would be fine.

    If you have any suggested drawings or links please do send them.

    I am making similar to below, which was made around 5 years ago by the looks of the technology - https://www.fitlighttraining.com/

    My budget to make it all is $500, less if possible. - Cheers Jonathan

  • Does anyone know if http://beaconcontrol.io will work with the Puck JS Beacons?

  • ...see [Eddystone]](http://forum.espruino.com/comments/13600­876/).

    btw, thanks for the pic about the devices. They must be pretty tough to withstand this beating...

  • Thanks I will check the link - Cheers

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Puck JS - External Switches & LED's For Reaction Lights (Ref Medical Fitness)

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