Viewing connected clients to the wifi point on ESP12f

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  • I need to track the Mac address of clients on the point ESP12F.
    Will this work?
    wifi.getConnectedDevices(function(err, devices) { ... });
    If if AP mode (with wifi.createAP), call the callback with the second argument as an array of { ip, mac } objects - one for each connected device.

  • ...that's what the doc for Espruino on ESP8266 says. The hint - (0v25 firmware only) - is most likely outdated. It was quite a while ago when older versions of that firmware were around that did not support this function. I'm not aware that this function went away.

    I do not know the overall setup, but this little 8266 monkey - as amazing it is - it has its limitations... How many devices do you want to have simultaneously connected to the access point?

    Check this information from 2016 out. Searching on the Web with maximum limitation access point connections ESP 8266 you may find more information.

    Said so, you might think of something more powerful for the or as the only Wifi chip for your access point hardware solution. It still can be Espruino compatible or work together with Espruino, but the single ESP 8266 chip just cannot do everything alone...

  • I want to make a crazy location on the esp

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Viewing connected clients to the wifi point on ESP12f

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