Can't find AP for Wifi connection after DeepSleep

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  • I had a little trouble with the wifi connection of the ESP8244 4M (Firmware v1.93) lately.
    Right now, i have this little bit of code:

    var wifi = require("Wifi");
    var esp = require("ESP8266");
    var WIFI_NAME = "DESKTOP-792U3CE 1298";
    var WIFI_PASSWORD = "12345";
    var sleepTime = 1000000;
    var cal = 4;
    function connect() {
    wifi.connect(WIFI_NAME, {password : WIFI_PASSWORD}, function(err) {
      if (err) {
        console.log("Connection error: "+err);
    function gn() {
      esp.deepSleep(sleepTime, cal);

    Basicly i tried to connect to wifi in various stages (directly after flashing, after saving and so on). It works fine up until after i sent the chip to deep sleep for the first time. In that case, when i try to connect, the blue system led will rapitly start blinking until i disconnect it. There's no error message or anything. Checking the wifi status it says "no_ap_found".

    P.S. talking of deep sleep. i have a little issue with that to where it would exapt a number of microseconds that is far below what it should be able to take (only a few seconds in total). Unfortunatly a wasn't able to reconstruct the problem. it seems to happen quite random. It appears to be more likely with bigger scripts though

  • 4 - no RF after waking up. Power consumption is the lowest.

    which means no wifi at all - double check deepSleep()


Can't find AP for Wifi connection after DeepSleep

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