• Hello, I did not find any reliable information on the website. Which ECMAScript Version is interpreted by Espruino? Is it ECMAScript 6 (also known as ECMAScript 2015) or a newer version?

  • Just to clarify this:

    Espruino isn't 100% of any JavaScript spec (for instance no Regular Expressions at the moment), but it's pretty much ES5, with some ES6 features (arrow functions, template strings, binary literals, forEach/etc on ArrayBuffers) where it makes sense.

  • @Gordon, is there a lint-like thing for Espruino that a JS source can be pitted against and will return 'passed' or 'failed'?

  • No, afraid not. I've tweaked the Espruino IDE linter a little, but it's not 100%.

    Also some devices like ESP8266 cut out features like arrow functions to save some flash memory I believe.

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What version of JS does Espruno implement? (ES5/ES6)

Posted by Avatar for MobiTech @MobiTech