Updating Puck Firmware on Windows 10

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  • Mon 2017.07.31

    While I have had successful re-flash sessions of Pico and ESP8266, this is a first for the Puck.

    I have read over and reviewed the video at: http://www.espruino.com/Puck.js#via-nrf-­toolbox-app-android-ios- and note that flashing is accomplished using a Bluetooth smart-phone and instructions for other means are absent.

    Although the native Espruino IDE doesn't explicitly indicate that updating is not possible, I did attempt without success.

    Is it possible to update Puck firmware on Windows 10 without the use of a Bluetooth smart-phone? (or am I SOL)

    My guess is that it is not possible, based on the documentation present.

    "It is the answers, not the questions, that are embarrassing." Helen Suzman

  • So you don't have access to an Android or iOS phone or tablet?

    At the moment you can't easily update direct from Windows 10. It might be possible, by:

    But it's nowhere near as easy as it is from a phone, and I'm not sure if it will actually work.

  • Tue 2017.08.01

    Thank you @Gordon.

    I'll look into both options. Also will make friends with someone that may part with their device for a short while.

  • Sun 2017.08.05

    Could you perform a quick check for me please. Got the web-bluetooth-polyfill extention installed in chrome and configured the manifest.json file.

    When I got to step 2 after the install of BLEServer I get:

    404 There isn't a GitHub Pages site here.


    Thank you,

  • This address: https://urish.github.io/web-bluetooth-se­cure-dfu/

    Works perfectly for me. Did you copy/paste it? Capitalisation matters

  • Mon 2017.08.07

    Thank you for checking. Wanted someone with skills to validate what was supposed to be seen.

    Capitalisation matters

    Being picky here, as there isn't any capitalization in that link ;-)

    Just did a check and the site now loads fine. Maybe there was an update in progress?

    However, changed the manifest file, ran the register.cmd manager. Extension Icon appears in upper right of Chrome. d/l .zip unpack and used unpacked files using 'Choose File' buttons

    Running that page now gives error a device not found error:

    "Status: DFU failed: NotFoundError: User cancelled the requestDevice() chooser.). Check console for details."

    Opening the Javascript console didn't provide any additional detail

    urish.github.io wants to pair "No Bluetooth devices found"

    Is there a laptop configuration I may have missed? Or do I have to 'unpair' the laptop::puck

    Being extra careful in Windows10 Settings and Bluetooth connections

    You did preface this task with may work . . . .

  • You could try unpairing - I know urish's code was supposed to work without pairing so I guess maybe being paired could confuse it.

  • Thank you for the attempt @Gordon. Still plagued with 404 and github seems to know about it:


    When I was able to get a valid page, still get the "No Bluetooth devices found" error.

    Will give it a couple more tries, thank you for staying in touch . . .

  • Looking at the above, if the page says User cancelled the requestDevice() chooser it's usually because it popped up a window asking you to choose devices and it got closed without you choosing one.

    Although if there's no window I guess it could be a problem with the setup of the polyfill.

    Have you looked at: https://github.com/urish/web-bluetooth-p­olyfill#troubleshooting

    You could also try asking on the polyfill's issues page: https://github.com/urish/web-bluetooth-p­olyfill/issues

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Updating Puck Firmware on Windows 10

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