USB HID not working in Windows 10?

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  • I have sent the following code to the espruino pico and saved:

    var kb = require("USBKeyboard");
    setWatch(function() {
      kb.setModifiers(kb.MODIFY.SHIFT, function() {
        kb.type("HELLO WORLD", function() {
          kb.setModifiers(0, function() {
    }, BTN, {debounce:100,repeat:true, edge:"rising"});

    The LED2.toggle() works perfectly after unplugging and re-plugging but nothing happens when I press the button when I'm expecting "HELLO WORLD". I am fairly new so I apologise if I've simply missed something obvious

  • Hi - have you typed save() on the left-hand side? Otherwise the code you wrote will be lost when the device is unplugged - which might explain the lack of the LED toggling?

    Also, are you using up to date firmware? This only started working properly in Windows in around version 1v92 I think.

  • Thank you for responding so quickly! My apologies, I didn't explain very clearly. The LED works perfectly all the time. I did use save(). It's just the "HELLO WORLD" part that does nothing, even after unplugging and replugging the pico.

    The Firmware is 1v93

  • What OS are you using? I just tried this on Mac OS and Linux and it's working for me...

  • Just tried this code with Win7. LED is OK but no keyboard input at all.
    It seems that the Pico remains enumerated as a virtual COM port only

  • Just tried on Windows 7 and I have the same. However it works great on Windows 10

  • Windows 10 is what I was using. I have switched to ubuntu and now it now works as expected. It's no biggie for me for now that it doesn't seem to like windows 10. Thanks for the help!

  • Ok, great! I'd be interested to know why it didn't work in W10 though - it appears to work fine here so I'm not sure what the difference would be.

  • I'll have a look into it a bit more and I'll post here if I discover anything

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USB HID not working in Windows 10?

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