• I would like to use a static puck to inform me of the whereabouts and status of another moving puck by sms. That should be possible with the Adafruit FONA or GSM800 GSM module right?

    Serial port should be able to control that right? Just wonder if the puck could also turn on the GSM so it isnt on all the time losing battery...

    Would be great..

  • The gsm would have its own lipo obviously. But I would still like to be able to turn it on just for sending an sms, and then turn off

  • You should be able to use USART1 on D28and D29 (see pinout )

    Then most of the effort is already done for SIM900 and SIM800.

  • Yes, it should definitely be possible. D28/29 are the default UART pins (espruino will use them for the console if they are connected to a UART at power on) but actually you can use any pins on the Puck for it.

    There isn't currently a library for SMS messaging via AT commands, but there are a few posts on the forum showing what commands to send - and I'm open to making a library for it because I think it'd be pretty useful.

    And yes - at least on SIM800 there's a pin for power on/power off - so Puck.js could use that to turn GSM on or off (in fact I think sometimes it can even be done with a serial command)

  • That would be amazing. Sadly my programming isn't that good so I rely on copy and pasting examples or a more novice friendly library. But I will try to get it to work.

  • There are a few snippets of code for SMS here: http://forum.espruino.com/conversations/­1712/

    That may well be enough to get you started, but let me know how you get on. There was some talk of a module being made in that thread, so I just asked the author if anything ever got done

  • Were you thinking of making a library for sending SMS? What would be the advantage/difference of having a library for it?

    Noob question, I know...

  • Yes - there's no real difference between me doing it or you using code from the thread. At the end of the day theres some JS code that actually does the interfacing - it's just either in the code that you upload, or pulled in via a require("...") call if I/someone else makes a module/library for it.

    I guess it's just be a little easier if there was a library, since all you'd have to worry about is calling sms.sendSMS(...) or something

  • Ok, just done! So as not to hijack the thread, I made a new one here: http://forum.espruino.com/conversations/­308106/

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Connecting a puck to a GSM module to send sms? Possible?

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