BNO055 9-DoF orientation chip

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  • Hey JS lovers, I ordered the BNO055, a 9-DoF chip that calculates orientation on board, and gives output as Euler or quaternion angles. Time for some fun!

    This will be my first time writing a module for a chip. If any pointers or tips on how to do it, I would be glad to hear. I think I'm going to look at the existing Arduino code on the Adafruit site, and port to JS.

    But first, I need to figure out how to connect BNO055 to Espruino WiFi. And is connecting it enough? Will Espruino WiFi provide all needed power for the BNO055 just from being connected to the Espruino WiFi? I'm a complete newb, so just throwing questions out there.

    On my way to the store to get my first soldering iron and bread board(s).

  • Now that looks like a gee whiz chip.
    Connecting it is the easy part.
    You setup an I2C object connect the pins and make sure the pull up resistors are enabled.
    The datasheet­/BST_BNO055_DS000_12.pdf

    From the datasheet section 4.6 the I2C Bus Address is either 0x28 or 0x29.
    Section 4.2 list the registers.
    The register at 0x00 is the chip ID

    var Busaddress=0x28;
    var ChipId=0;
    // set up I2C
    I2C1.setup({ scl : B6, sda: B7 }); //you have to configure the pins and wiring
    // tell the chip which register to access
    I2C1.writeTo(Busaddress, ChipID);
    // read byte from ChipID register
    var d = I2C1.readFrom(Busaddress,1); //1 byte
    console.log(d.toString(16)); // in hex
    // should be 0xa0 see 4.3.1 in datasheet

    The hard part is setting up to read and write all the registers and even more so specific bits in each register.

    On soldering, a low wattage iron, a holder for the iron when not in use, a small shallow container with a wet sponge to clean the tip. In years past I used a light dimmer to control the power to the iron. A really pointy tip is a blessing.
    Depending on your budget a temperature controlled iron is a blessing $100 or so.

    Happy soldering:)

  • Happy soldering:)

    @ClearMemory041063 thanks! Looking forward to it, these will be my first soldering projects. :D Thanks for the tips. I'll be back once the chip arrives in the mail (and after I've tried to solder something).

  • ... and a node.js implementation:­055

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BNO055 9-DoF orientation chip

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