• I tried uploading code to Espruino WiFi, then disconnected it and connected it to a USB battery, but then the code doesn't work (just LED lights blinking).

    Seems like disconnecting the reconnecting to the battery erases the code. How do I get it to stay on there?

  • Do I need to have a separate battery aside from the USB connection? If so, any type of batteries to recommend, with link or photo?

    (I'm a total complete newb, never hooked a chip up to a battery before.)

  • Hi - did you try typing save() into the left hand side of the IDE? Normally when you upload code it goes into RAM, and is only saved when you explicitly ask it to be.

    (You can turn on 'save on send' in the IDE, but sometimes it's handy to be able to fiddle with the code in RAM before saving it)

    Just to add - connecting to a USB battery pack or mains adaptor should work great. The only time it wouldn't is if the battery pack doesn't think Espruino is drawing enough power and so turns itself off - but that usually only happens after a delay.

  • did you try typing save() into the left hand side of the IDE?

    Ah, I missed the save() function. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the links @ClearMemory041063 :}

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Disconnect then plugging into USB battery erases code?

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