• Hi.

    I have some questions about the included implementations of different firmwares.

    1. I'm looking for the implementations like "Graphics.createArrayBuffer". Where i can find them?
    2. I also recognize, that the firmwares (for pico and esp8266) aren't the same. Where i can find the differents? For example the esp8266 firmware dont know the "Graphics" module. I would like to add this so esp8266.

    Can someone send me the right place to look for?

  • The Graphics implementation is native C-Code. It should be in in this area: https://github.com/espruino/Espruino/blo­b/master/libs/graphics/jswrap_graphics.c­

  • If you find what you want in the Reference: http://www.espruino.com/Reference

    Then just to the right of the title there's a character - click on that and you go to the implementation on GitHub.

    Note that if something isn't in a build, it's probably not in there for a reason. Specifically Graphics isn't in the ESP8266 build because of RAM constraints (ESP8266 tends to use RAM for stuff that would have fitted in Flash on most other devices) - so you may find it nontrivial to add.

  • Great. Thank you for answering my questions. Know i can find everything i need :)

    After i realise that the pico with an esp connected is not suitable for my idea, i bought a Wemos D1 mini pro with an mini sd shield. I like espruino so i flashed the firmware (esp8266_4MB) to it. Wemos D1 mini pro seems to have a flash of 16MB.
    So the left 12MB are unused?

    After some reading in github i saw (but i didn't understand the reason), that i can't use the sd shield with espruino.
    Until now i didnt test it, but it seems to be possibile with nodemcu.

  • Memory constraints come in two ways: flash (ROM) and RAM. RAM is the tougher constraint to overcome, but patterns to do it are not new: load code from ROM only for execution and discard it afterwards to create free space for the next one. Absolute speed of course suffers and most cases things can be 'serialized' (queued/dequeued).

  • Out of interest, why did you think the Pico + ESP8266 wasn't suitable? It would have had FAT and Graphics built-in.

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Espruino - Where to find default implementations?

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