• Hi @Gordon,

    I am having some issues with the Puck device. We have build the application which required to be paired with Puck Device, One Some of the devices we are able to connect and all the things are working fine. But on some devices specially Samsung and some other custom os versions.We are some issues in pairning the device.

    While connecting to the device we get 133 error and connection is not made sometime device get paired but later it get disconnected and not able to reconnect to device.

    One more issue we are getting. In one device we are not able to detect the services running on the puck device. Which we have installed using the custom js script i have also asked earlier. (After restarting the (Android)device it start detecting).

    Please help us to resolve this issue.

    With regards
    Harminder Singh

  • Where do you get error 133 from? Android? Can you connect to it fine from something like nRF connect on the same device?

    Is it possible that more than one of your devices is trying to connect to the Puck at the same time? It can only sustain one active connection at a time. It might also be possible that your Android app is trying to connect twice as well?

    In one device we are not able to detect the services running on the puck device. After restarting the (Android)device it start detecting

    Can you detect the services using the nRF connect app running on that/other devices? The fact that just restarting the Android device fixes it makes me think it's very unlikely to be a Puck.js issue. I'd be pretty certain you need to be looking at your Android app rather than Puck.js, however I'm afraid I don't know enough about Bluetooth LE on Android to help you debug Android apps.

    I believe the nRF connect app itself is Open Source, so you might be able to compare with how they're doing it to see if you're doing something different?

    (also, just moving this to the Puck.js forum)

  • Hi @Gordon ,

    In service detection issue, We have used the same code in the Nordic UART App shared. Services appears on other devices i have the NRF Connect app it shows the services in the puck device. I will try with the NRF connect on same device.

    We are getting 133 in android app when we try to connect the puck device.

  • I have tested to with NRF connect on the device. I am getting same issue with this what we are getting in our app.

    It was not connecting to device after 3-5 attempts we are able to connect after a min it get disconnected and gave same error when trying to reconnect.

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  • I just had a quick look into Error 133:

    • What Android device/OS version are you using? It looks like there may be actual software problems with the Bluetooth drivers on some Android 5 devices.
    • You mention you're setting services on Puck.js. Could you be repeatedly calling NRF.setServices? That could really mess things up as it requires the Bluetooth stack to restart to update the services. Ideally you should call it just once, and should then use NRF.updateServices if you need to update the values.
  • Hi @Gordon,

    Thanks For the updates, We are getting issue on all samsung devices including 6.0.1 devices.

    I get the issue of NRF.setServices multiple called and i have read the documentation and follow the guideline as mentioned. Software on puck is working fine we have tested it on other devices.As we have also discussed issue of 133 is also coming with the puck device which is not even configured. :(

  • Do you have any other BLE devices that you can try to connect to, to see if the issue is specific to Puck.js?

  • @Gordon.

    I have try other device which is a fitness band. It gave me same issue. Can be issue of android device. Can you suggest how can we resolve this issue. Did anyone else also get the same issue.

  • Ok, sounds like an issue with the Android/Bluetooth on the phone device then. Does it always do it? Could you just try connecting again if you get an error until it connects without trouble?

    Personally this is the first I've heard of error 133, so I can't be much help. I think you'd just have to search online - you could try StackOverflow?

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Puck Device not pairing with Some android devices

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