Pico v2?

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  • Are there any plans for a new version of Pico, with more memory, faster processor, etc? :D

  • Not at the moment I'm afraid. The Espruino WiFi board has filled that gap to some extent... http://www.espruino.com/WiFi

    It has:

    • WiFi (obviously)
    • 100Mhz vs 84Mhz
    • 512kB flash vs 384kB
    • 128kB RAM vs 96kB
    • A proper low-speed oscillator - so accurate timekeeping
    • Micro USB (but it does lack the dedicated battery input)

    It is tempting to try another board with the same small form factor as the Pico and to use one of the newer STM32F413 chips, but I'm not really sure there's enough demand for it (I'm not getting many complaint's about the Pico's power or memory) - and obviously the price would end up being a bit higher because the F413 is more expensive.

    At the moment the next device is likely to be an nRF52-based Pico-style board. Depending on timing it might use the nRF52840 (which has USB), so it'd be slower but would have loads more memory.

    It's also worth noting that you can actually overclock your Pico, and can use the extra 128kB of flash that the microcontroller unofficially has extra because of the way ST rebadges chips :)

  • Just curious for this phantom nRF52 based Pico, for those who don't have any desire to use BLE would there be any tangible benefit to have a build of Espruino that doesn't include any of the BLE?

    Also, why not make an Espruino board based off an ESP32 its got BT,BLE and WiFi. Wait never mind, you putting all that work into a product just to have consumers flash it onto cheap Chinese boards instead of buying the official doesn't make a lot of business sense.

  • Well if you didn't want BLE you'd still be betting a huge amount more RAM and flash, as well as a reasonably accurate real-time clock and lower power consumption - although the actual execution speed of the chip is lower.

    you putting all that work into a product just to have consumers flash it onto cheap Chinese boards

    That's the really sad thing about ESP8266/ESP32. I'd love to be able to support them properly, but it's very difficult find a way of paying myself a salary from them.

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Pico v2?

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