Pixmob wristband - controlling with puck?

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  • I went the 2017 world masters game opening ceremony where these bands were used. Apparently they are controlled by Ir.

    I found this on github, but the guy was unable to brute force the ir codes.


    It has 3xrgb leds, an accelerometer and an ir reciever, and runs off 2x cr2032 coin cells. Rather than break up for parts I thought it would be good to see if it could be controlled via Espruino

    Anyone got any ideas how how to work out how to control the wrist band?

  • Looks like a neat little device - I don't see any debug ports, so unless you're willing to dump the device's firmware (which may not even be possible) and reverse engineer the code it looks like brute force is the way forward.

    How did they work when they were used? Did they all go off together? I guess they'd have had to have given the relatively low bandwidth of IR.

    If that's the case I guess it does limit your search a bit. Perhaps some random searching is the way forward given you'd expect something to be displayed as long as you were in the right ballpark. Even random bits and varying the length of the sent IR code could help.

  • It was at Eden park in a large stadium - they could control sections of seating and when it was out turn to move, it would light up and buzz. They also could strobe the colours matching a laser display - its quite impressive. There where quite a few left on empty seats, so I though they would be handy to have....

  • This Reddit shows a video controlling with tv remote...


    My son has a sonic screwdriver remote that turns off and on all tvs, so that might be worth a try...

  • Maybe try and work out what make of remote control that was, look it up on IRDB, and then try and recreate the IR signal from the data there? It could be a good place to start!

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Pixmob wristband - controlling with puck?

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