• Hi

    I plan to control my tv support using WiFi, and was hoping to make it work on a WeMos D1 Mini Pro ESP8266 board.

    Tests were initially done using the original Espruino board, which was capable of receiving & transmitting IR codes from & to the tv support.

    The wip esp8266 code used for transmitting is available at the following URL:

    Now, after digging stuff ( and while I'm still digging .. ), it seems IR transmitting is not as quick as I hoped on the ESP8266 (my code currently uses 'analogWrite()' & 'digitalPulse', as in the official IR receive & send tutorials ) ..

    Currently not at home ( :( .. ), I can't quite improve/test stuff out, but I'm posting here anyway, hoping it may help others in finding a way to bypass the involved limitations :)

    Regarding this, the following post(s) may be of interest:

    This being said, wishing yall a very nice day :)
    ( I'll come back as soon as I can try stuff out ;p )


  • I'd try specifying a massive Float32Array of bit times to digitalPulse, which includes all 38kHz pulses - it seems like it could work for you? Either that or use an external 38kHz oscillator

  • hi !

    yup, I think it may work ( although I'd have to workout the resulting Float32Array from the signals[] array + 38kHz pulses ) ;)

    For the second option, maybe connecting a 555 'd work ? ( but I'd truly prefer the 1st option .. )

    As said above, I'll investigate more as I get back home ( where all my uCs are .. )
    Nevertheless, thanks for the quick answer ;)

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Espruino WiFi Tv Support remote using WeMos D1 Mini Pro ESP8266

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